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Readiwipes Wet Range - Designed, Developed, Tested & Produced in the UK

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About Readiwipes® Wet

Following a large investment in their UK manufacturing facility, Robinson Healthcare are pleased to announce the introduction of a new range of moist skin cleansing wipes for professional and personal healthcare uses - Readiwipes® Wet Skin Cleansing Wipes.

Readiwipes® Wet Skin Cleansing Wipes have been specially developed for the cleansing of all areas of the body. They are extremely effective skin cleansers which loosen, lift and lock contamination into the wipe material. They are unique because most wet wipes use a low cost and relatively ineffective fluid, whilst these wipes have a highly developed and high specification lotion using premium quality ingredients.

These include the herbal extracts of Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Chamomile and Lavender plus Panthenol and Betaine for conditioning the skin and additional moisturisers. The known positive benefits of these ingredients coupled with the results of extensive user trials have confirmed that they calm, soothe, condition and moisturise the skin.

They are suitable for all over body cleansing including intimate area and after toilet personal cleansing. The gentle but effective pH balanced lotion means that the wipes are suitable for all skin types and ages, from babies to the elderly. They are tested and confirmed to be hypoallergenic and are alcohol and lanolin free. They are sting free, rinse free and non-greasy in-use. The carefully balanced fluid content ensures that they are wet enough to cleanse but don’t leave the skin too wet - there is no need to dry the skin after use.

We recognise that wipes should smell good, so we have included a high quality and mild, IFRA compliant fragrance and this leaves the cleansed skin with just a hint of this lovely scent.

Materials, Environmental & Disposal

A range of materials is available, at different price points and with differing performance and environmental
characteristics. Our policy is to make this information clear so that the user can select the most appropriate wipe
material for their particular needs.

The range is broadly divided into three material families: flushable dispersible maceratable, maceratable and non maceratable. Flushable and dispersible means that this product is suitable for flushing down the toilet. Maceratable means that the product is suitable for disposal in a healthcare institution macerator. These devices offer a convenient method of disposal for pulp based containers, wipes and human waste by shredding it into tiny particles which are then flushed into the waste water system. This system offers excellent hygiene and infection control characteristics. A non-maceratable product cannot be used in a macerator as it will jam the machinery and must not be flushed.

5150 - Flushable Wipe

  • This is a state of the art material and is made using 100% natural wood pulp as the primary raw material.
    This comes from certified sustainable pine forests (FSC & PEFC) which are replanted as the wood is harvested.
    In addition, as the trees grow they absorb large quantities of CO2 as well as providing a habitat for flora and fauna
  • Upon disposal this material is 100% naturally biodegradable within a very short period of time
  • In addition, the product naturally breaks up into tiny pieces when agitated by the action of flushing water
    - hence the description dispersible. It will not block the sewer and it can be treated the same as human waste
  • Also suitable for disposal in healthcare macerators
  • This product has the best environmental profile of all available wipe materials
  • It is suitable for a wide range of cleansing tasks but is best suited to intimate hygiene cleansing, post toilet cleansing
    and hand and face cleansing
  • Please note that facial stubble may cause minor linting of this gentle material
  • Supplied in 60gsm material (grams per m2)

5151 - Maceratable Wipe

  • This product is manufactured using approximately 85% natural wood pulp as the primary raw material. This comes from certified sustainable pine forests (FSC & PEFC) which are replanted as the wood is harvested. In addition, as the trees grow they absorb large quantities of CO2 as well as providing a habitat for flora and fauna
  • This product is suitable for disposal in healthcare macerators and if disposed of in this way will not block the sewers
  • The product is not suitable for flushing and the front of the pack is clearly marked as such
  • It is a strong material suited to all skin cleansing tasks
  • Please note - our maceratable wipes are not recommended for use in domestic macerators
  • Supplied in a heavier and thicker than normal 60gsm material (grams per m2) for improved strength in use

5158 - Non Maceratable Wipe

  • These materials use a blend of polyester, polypropylene and viscose fibres
  • The 45gsm and 80gsm materials are very tough and can easily withstand vigorous cleansing and rubbing without linting
  • The 45gsm material is particularly good for makeup removal
  • These products cannot be flushed and cannot be macerated - and this is clearly indicated on the front of the pack
  • The 120 and 200 pack count products use a 23gsm polypropylene/viscose blended material
  • All other wipes except the bed bath wipes use a 45gsm polyester/viscose blended material
  • The bed bath wipes use a thick, 80gsm viscose rich/polyester blend for exceptional performance and a flannel like
    appearance and feel

Unique Sensitive Lotion

Quite often the lotion used in wet wipes is taken for granted - but in fact it is critically important to the performance
of the product.

Our lotion development brief was extremely demanding as we wanted the best product possible.

Rather than trying to save a few pennies by reducing the quality or quantity of the ingredients we set our standards high as we wanted a product that would not only be an extremely effective cleanser of all body areas, but one which really looked after the skin. We also wanted a product which had outstanding skin compatibility and could be used on all skin types and ages, including the elderly and babies. After two years of intensive development and testing we think we have met this demanding brief and now have a really great product.

Features and benefits of our unique lotion:
  • Carefully selected premium quality ingredients, known for their skin friendliness to make the wipes suitable for cleansing sensitive skin and all body areas
  • Fully assessed by a Consultant Dermatologist, tested on numerous skin types including known sensitive skins and backed up with large scale user trials confirm the hypoallergenic performance of this unique lotion
  • Mild but extremely effective cleansing - suitable for the entire body including intimate areas
  • Balanced pH to sustain skin flora for natural skin defence
  • No sting, alcohol free formula for comfortable and trauma free cleansing
  • Lanolin free and non greasy in use leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed
  • Carefully balanced fluid content - wet enough to clean but no drying required
  • Rinse free lotion for fast and convenient cleansing
  • Super purified water is used to remove all traces of biological contamination for the highest hygiene and purity standards
  • The use of Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Chamomile and Lavender botanical extracts coupled with Panthenol, Betaine and additional moisturisers all combine to give exceptional calming, soothing, conditioning and moisturising of the skin. Particularly good for the treatment of dry skin and the frail skin of the elderly
  • High quality IFRA compliant fragrance for a lovely scented wipe leaving just a hint of fragrance on the skin after cleansing
  • All ingredients are fully approved by the EU and pose no environmental hazard during manufacture or upon disposal

Packaging Design

Labelling - Front of Pack (click image for a printer friendly copy)


Labelling - Back of Pack (click image for a printer friendly copy)

The reverse of the pack describes the product, its intended applications, instructions for use, disposal instructions and contraindications. It also shows a full list of ingredients, product number, barcode, sizes, storage instructions and expiry date.
A space is left for the user or patient’s name to help manage cross-infection risk.

Traditional Cleansing Issues

Readiwipes Wet Benefits

Cleansing and bathing is really important for maintaining the physical health of the patient as it removes unwanted and pathogenic micro organisms from the skin - and therefore plays an important role in infection prevention and control.

Cleansing and bathing also plays an important role in skin care, particularly in the care of the elderly where fragile and dry skin is commonplace. But body cleansing also improves the psychological well being - by helping the patient feel clean and refreshed and dignified. Traditional methods of washing and bathing using soap and water with drying towels have a number of disadvantages that can be overcome by using Readiwipes® Wet.

Soap and Water

The traditional method of cleansing using soap and water has a number of disadvantages. Traditional soap is generally rather alkaline and whilst initially effective at removing micro organisms it can strip the skin of essential oils thus drying the skin. Soap cleanses but it does not condition or moisturise.

It also alters the natural pH of the skin which is critical for maintaining its natural defence against bacteria, viruses, moulds and yeasts, so the benefit of their initial removal is quickly reversed.

Non soap cleansers are preferable to traditional soap with respect to their skin conditioning properties, though they still have a number of drawbacks, including the need for water and subsequent drying of the skin with flannels, towels or dry wipes. The use of soap is also problematic when cleansing the eyes or ears and its removal can be difficult from intimate mucosal areas or from deeply folded skin.

The main issue with traditional cleansing particularly in a healthcare setting is that access to water is needed - and it needs to be heated with implicit additional energy costs. It is also often difficult and dangerous for a patient to get to a sink or shower, or they may need help, thus consuming more caring resource.

There is also the issue of maintaining the cleanliness of the washing facilities, particularly given that the users may not be able to clean down after use due to their medical condition. So the cleaning facility itself may become a significant source of cross infection.

There may be insufficient facilities for washing and bathing so their use may need to be staggered with the associated inconvenience. The use of bowls taken to the bedside is problematic as the bowl has to be filled with water to the correct temperature, transported to and from the patient without spilling - and the multi use bowl itself poses a significant cross infection risk so these need to be decontaminated before re-use. All of this consumes time and resources.

The other issue with using bowls or basins is that organisms washed off the skin reside in the water and are re-deposited, in part, back onto the skin during washing and rinsing. There can also be a build up of soap residue in the water causing ineffective rinsing and soap remaining on the skin post washing - thus affecting further the negative effect on skin pH.

The use of Readiwipes® Wet overcomes these issues and provides much better cleansing.


Drying is also a significant issue. Towels are needed and provision needs to be made for hygienic laundering, storage and collection after use. The hidden costs of this are very significant plus the cost of replacement. Towels can also be rough, which is not only uncomfortable for the patient, but can also cause damaging skin abrasion during drying. Damp towels pose a significant infection control risk, as they can harbour and encourage the growth of micro organisms.

Of course, disposable paper towels are available for drying but these are generally weak if saturated with water and can be quite rough - a problem with young or elderly patients and only suited to hand and face drying. Dry wipes can be used for drying and these are available from Robinson Healthcare, or alternatively the use of Readiwipes® Wet cleanses without the need for drying. The use of traditional cleansing methods therefore have a number of drawbacks which can be easily overcome by using Readiwipes® Wet.

Readiwipes Wet are truly the do-it-all wipes

Advantages of Using Readiwipes® Wet

The use of Readiwipes® Wet offers numerous advantages over traditional soap and water cleansing:

  • They cleanse, condition and moisturise the skin
  • They are designed so that the skin is left damp after cleansing - but there is no need to rinse off
  • The lotion that remains on the skin after cleansing conditions and moisturises
  • The material of the wipe is selected to help lift dirt from the skin and hold it within the wipe. This is much more hygienic than soap, water and flannel as a fresh wipe can be used which is new, clean, and with clean lotion for the next body area to be cleansed
  • The multiple time consuming steps associated with the use of soap and water, namely: prepare water flannel and soap, lather, wash, rinse, dry and condition can be significantly condensed to a single step - just wash with one or more wet wipes. It is so simple and quick
  • Patient trauma is also significantly reduced
  • Patient dignity is preserved - particularly when using bed bathing wipes and many patients prefer to self cleanse which is also possible with wet wipes
  • Patient cleansing compliance levels are also much higher due to the convenience and efficiency that wet wipes can offer
  • Overall cost is reduced

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