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Activate is an advanced, multi-layered veterinary wound dressing containing Activated Charcoal Cloth (ACC) that has been found to promote rapid wound closure and cleansing by bacterial adsorption. The forces of adsorption 'attract' the bacteria into the dressing preventing the migration of infection back to the wound surface.


A number of Veterinary Surgeons have trialled Activate on typical small animal wounds reporting significant improvement in the rate of healing. At the University of Liverpool it was shown that the use of Activate produced "an abrupt improvement (within in a few days) in the clinical appearance of infected and exudative wounds"*


Activate is suitable for use on wounds healing by both primary and secondary intention. For primary intention wounds, Activate will provide protection against secondary infection. For wounds healing by second intention, Activate will promote healthy epithelialisation and encourage rapid wound closure.


Supplied in packs of 5 individual sterile dressings, Activate has a low-adherent wound facing and should be applied directly to the wound surface placing the dark smooth side of the dressing on the wound. It can be left in place on a wound for a number of days depending on the level of exudate.


*Derek C Knottenbelt, BVM&S, DVM&S, MRCVS.


Features Advantages Benefits

Activated Carbon Cloth

Rapid wound cleansing by bacterial adsorption

Controls infections

Elimiinates Odour

Promotes rapid wound closure
Owner acceptance
Low adherent surface Doesn't stick to the wound Can be easily removed without interfering with wound helping
Light, thin and comfortable Easy application even in areas difficult to dress Patient acceptance
Highly absorbent Absorbs exudate Maintains a moist wound healing environment


23/12/00 Prior to application of Activate further wound breakdown recorded. Activate dressing applied 21/12/00. Dressing changed 23/12.
29/12/00 Wounds contracting and looking more healthy.
04/01/01 Wounds retracting further and are clean.
11/01/01 Wound RHS almost completely healede, wound LHS much reduced in size.

Case Study


Activate was used on a 10-month old rescued cross-bred dog that developed multiple open septic wounds over both shoulders together with extensive necrotic tissue as a result of a suspected adverse drug reaction. The animal was hospitalised during the entire period of treatment.


The wounds were debrided, drained and sutured under GA and dressed with a hydrogel and low-adherent dressings. The wounds continued to deteriorate and break down over a period of two weeks (10 dressing changes, 3 GA's). Prolonged healing time was anticipated.

Activate was then placed directly onto the wound and used for all future dressing changes. In total, 17 individual Activate dressings were used with dressing changes at three or four day intervals. Wounds were clean and contracting, healed rapidly and without further complications.

Wound closure was achieved in five weeks. The dog made a full recovery and was successfully re-homed.



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