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Packaging, Dispensing, Hygiene & Infection Control

Readiwipes Dry - Essentials & Super Deluxe

The entire range of Readiwipes® Dry is packed in an extremely convenient cubic shaped pack. The wipes are neatly folded and packed in a very compact way. This makes them very easy to handle, stack and store. In addition, they fit conveniently on a hospital or care home trolley, on a bedside cabinet or work surface.

The compact nature of the wipe also improves the environmental credentials of the product by reducing packaging materials of both the immediate product pack and the outer case. It also means that more can be fitted on a pallet and therefore more can be delivered on a single vehicle thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Access to the pack is easy by simply tearing the pre-perforated pack at the top to create an access flap. The perforations are designed to minimise accidental ripping of the pack. Each wipe is non-interleaved and individually Z folded - they can be easily removed one at a time from the pack by holding and gently pulling the wipe by a presented seam. Only one is dispensed at a time and removing a wipe leaves the one below it untouched and clean. The wipe below does not need to be tucked back into the pack. This single dispensing feature is not only convenient and hygienic but is really good for infection control and also reduces wipe wastage and over use.

Readiwipes Dry - Plus & Macerator

After dispensing, the packaging access flap is moved back into place to keep the wipes clean until the next use. In addition, the packaging has no pockets or areas for dirt or fluid to accumulate, thus keeping the pack clean.

All of these features give you convenience, hygiene, infection control, low environmental impact and economy in use not offered by competitor products.

Types of Wipe

Readiwipes® Dry wipes are available in a wide range of materials, sizes and thicknesses. They all have different attributes and are at different price points according to the specification required.

Generally speaking the more material a wipe has in it the more it costs. So if it’s larger or thicker then it will generally cost more than a thinner or smaller wipe. But the material type also makes a difference. Some materials are more absorbent than others. Some have a better cleansing performance and some are softer than others.

To help in selecting the wipe most appropriate to your needs we brand the products in a descriptive way. Each material type is indicated by the wipe name. In ascending order of approximate cost these are:

  • Regular
  • Plus
  • Super
  • Super Deluxe
  • Soft Clean Deluxe
  • Macerator Deluxe

The weight of the material used in the wipe is similarly described on the pack. In ascending weight order these are:

  • Lightweight
  • Middleweight
  • Mid-Heavyweight
  • Heavyweight
  • Super Heavyweight

The size of the wipe is also clearly identified on the pack. In ascending size order these are:

  • Small
  • Standard
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

In addition, we provide a comparison table which shows at a glance how the different products perform so that you can choose the product that meets your needs and budget.

Readiwipes Dry Comparison Table


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