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Vinoguard Vinyl Gloves



Vinoguard Vinyl Gloves


Vinoguard is the Readigloves brand name for vinyl gloves. Vinyl is a synthetic polymer, more commonly known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). To make the rigid polymer flexible and suitable for use as a glove, plasticisers are added, such as phthalates.


Vinyl gloves are latex free but can still cause dermatitis in wearers, due to the chemicals they contain. Vinyl gloves are of lower performance than both nitrile and latex but do offer a low cost option for low risk tasks.



Vinoguard vinyl gloves offer the following features and benefits:

  • Smooth finish, highly suitable for washing patients or handling fragile skin
  • Low elasticity, but strong enough to prevent ripping on donning.
  • Generally lower comfort but satisfactory if the glove is big enough.
  • Stretch synthetic vinyl versions available for improved fit and comfort
  • Latex free construction, to prevent Type l (latex) allergies and sensitisation
  • Basic barrier protection against biological organisms and viral penetration
  • Minimal resistance to chemicals, suitable for non hazardous tasks only
  • Low cost, suitable for frequent, low risk general purpose tasks

It should be noted that many gloves available on the market today do not comply with the Medical Devices Directive. All products in the Readigloves Vinoguard range comply fully with the Directive and may be used for medical examination purposes. The Vinoguard range also includes a stretch vinyl product, often referred to as synthetic or pigmentised vinyl, which is formulated to deliver improved strength and elasticity, improving comfort, fit and sensitivity in use.


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