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Nytraguard Nitrile Gloves




Nytraguard Nitrile Gloves


Nytraguard is the Readigloves brand name for nitrile examination gloves. Nitrile is the quickly becoming the material of choice for many healthcare workers as it has a similar performance to latex for many tasks, but is more durable and benefits from being free of any latex proteins, which can cause Type l allergy problems for some individuals.


Nytraguard gloves are made from a synthetic polymer – acrylonitrile butadiene – that is typically stronger and more durable than traditional latex gloves.



Nytraguard gloves have the following features and benefits:

  • Fingertip texturing for good grip but lower grip palms for patient comfort.
  • High stretch and elastic properties, for superior wearer comfort
  • Superior sensitivity and dexterity from thin, advanced technology gloves
  • Excellent strength, toughness and durability, even though the gloves are thin
  • High puncture resistance
  • Excellent resistance to tearing and ripping, particularly when donning
  • Highest resistance to chemicals, particularly cleaning chemicals and petroleum based solvents and oils
  • Excellent barrier protection against biological organisms and viral penetration
  • Latex free construction, to prevent Type l (latex) allergies and sensitisation
  • Versions independently certified for laboratory use
  • Unique sulphur free, accelerator free version for ultra low dermatitis potential

It is generally assumed that because nitrile does not contain latex that it will never cause allergic reactions – but this is not true. During the manufacture of nitrile, chemical accelerators are used to speed up the curing process. These accelerators may cause a Type lV (chemical) allergic reaction in some individuals which can lead to dermatitis. This is true of all standard nitrile gloves from different manufacturers. Constant washing of hands by healthcare workers often damages the skin, which makes the hands more susceptible to reactions from chemicals. A solution offered in the Readigloves Nytraguard range is a ground breaking glove using the very latest generation material which is not only accelerator free but also sulphur free. Its name? Nytraguard ChemoPure


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