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Cyraguard Latex Gloves




Cyraguard Latex Gloves


Cyraguard is the Readigloves brand name for latex examination gloves.


Latex is the traditional material used to produce examination gloves, manufactured from natural rubber latex (NRL) extracted from rubber trees. Latex gloves offer high performance thanks to the highly elastic properties of NRL.


Cyraguard gloves have the following features and benefits:

  • Superior grip for precision tasks
  • Excellent stretch and conformability, offering the very highest user comfort
  • Superior sensitivity and dexterity as the gloves can be made thin and are close fitting
  • High strength and durability with excellent tear resistance – even when punctured.
  • Easy and consistent donning, as the material is highly elastic and moulds very easily to the hand
  • Excellent barrier protection against biological organisms, viral penetration and some chemicals

One drawback to natural rubber latex is that some individuals can develop an allergy or sensitisation to the latex proteins within the material – called a Type l (Latex) allergic reaction. Cyraguard latex gloves undergo special treatments during processing to greatly reduce these proteins, but they cannot be eradicated all together. Because of this risk and to simplify procurement, many trusts now have a ‘no latex’ glove policy. However, latex gloves still remain as high performance products that offer the best comfort, tactility and grip.


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