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Breast Pads


Breast Pads


RHL_Logo_200px.pngRobinson Healthcare manufactures a diverse range of Personal Care products that have been carefully selected to complement the first aid and cotton wool ranges. Whether designed to soothe aches, help a restful nights sleep or offer comfort and convenience when breast feeding, products comply with all applicable standards and offer great value for money.


Delivering Customer Satisfaction


Quality and performance are paramount for nursing mothers who experience breast leakage. Robinson Healthcare Breast Pads are a good example of how products have evolved through customer use and feedback. They provide discreet and hygienic protection from skin irritation and sore or cracked nipples, by absorbing excess breast milk and keeping the skin dry.


The high quality pads are made by combining three layers of material on a specially developed machine, which seals a fluffy absorbent pulp core between a soft quilted cover and a non-slip backing with a waterproof liner. The result is a breast pad that is highly effective and has provided customer satisfaction for many years, by meeting the specific needs of breast-feeding mothers.


Extensive Range


Robinson Healthcare also manufactures many other personal care products, creating an extensive range. Fast Aid Heat Pads offer the ideal solution to soothe aches and discomfort, whilst Relief-Xtra offers magnetic therapy as an alternative for similar conditions.


Easy Breathers Tissues have offered relief to nasal congestion for many years and remain a popular product. These and other products such as Feverscan, Fresh Ups and sanitary disposal bags complete a strong range.


Robinson Healthcare’s Personal Care products deliver a formidable collection that addresses the needs of both consumers and retailers.


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