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Summer Healthcare Advice from Robinson Animal Healthcare (30/05/17)       new!

We spend most of the year longing for the summer to arrive but the long hot days also create a whole new set of health issues for our horses and ponies.

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Bringing Your Horse Back Into Work After Injury (26/04/17)

Here, Team McNab share their thoughts on bringing your horse back to fitness after injury and some of the pitfalls to avoid along the way.

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Horse & Rider First Aid Kit

First Aid Tips with McNab Eventing (30/03/17)

As ambassadors for Robinson Animal Healthcare, Kevin and Emma McNab know the importance of stringent horse care in order to promote health, well-being and performance.

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Hot, Cold or Dry Poultice

Hot, Cold or Dry Poultice? (30/03/17)

A poultice is used to draw out infection, reduce inflammation, ease bruising and cleanse wounds. As one of the most versatile first aid products, a poultice can be used hot and wet, cold and wet or as a dry dressing, depending on the particular situation.

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RAHC Helps Toby Recover

Robinson Animal Healthcare Helps Toby Recover from Injury (30/03/17)

When Sophie Tranter from Monmouthshire returned home from work to find her horse had suffered a nasty cut to his leg, she immediately recognised the seriousness of the injury.

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Ride Like Laura Renwick

Ride Like Laura Renwick (30/03/17)

As one of Britain’s leading lady show jumpers, Laura Renwick has got to the top of her sport through sheer determination, patience and hard work.

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Sponsorship of Kevin and Emma McNab

Robinson Healthcare's Sponsorship of Kevin & Emma McNab (22/02/17)

Leading manufacturer of animal first aid products, Robinson Animal Healthcare is delighted to welcome event riders, Kevin and Emma McNab, to their team of sponsored riders.

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Bandaging Made Simple

Bandaging Made Simple (19/01/17)

Bandaging is used for several reasons and knowing how to do it well is important. When applied correctly, a bandage can assist in the healing process of an injury, but if applied incorrectly they can cause problems that will delay healing and potentially cause further complications.

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Top Tips for Preventing Wound Infections

Top Tips for Preventing Wound Infections (16/12/16)

Minor cuts and grazes are an inevitable occurrence at some point for most horse owners. Without proper management a simple wound can become infected, resulting in a longer rehabilitation period and potentially costly vet bills.

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Identifying Different Types of Wound

Identifying Different Types of Wound (25/11/16)

Horses can be accident prone creatures, often injuring themselves when no visible cause can be found. All wounds, even minor ones, require attention to promote healing and avoid infection.

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New Activ Scrub from Robinson Animal Healthcare

New Activ Scrub from Robinson Animal Healthcare (12/11/16)

Activ Scrub from Robinson Animal Healthcare is an anti-bacterial cleansing wash. Effective in seconds, it is ideal for keeping legs clean and free from the bacteria that can thrive in wet, muddy conditions

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Healthcare Advice for Winter

Healthcare Advice for Winter (28/10/16)

Here Robinson Animal Healthcare offer advice to ensure your horse or pony sails through winter in full health and look at the pitfalls to avoid that can lead to problems.

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Animalintex - The Versatile Poultice

Animalintex - The Versatile Poultice from Robinson Animal Healthcare (29/09/16)

Did you know that Animalintex®, the world renowned multi-layered poultice and wound dressing from Robinson Animal Healthcare can be used to treat a wide range of conditions?

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