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How to Use Order Templates



How to Use Order Templates


This site features a convenient and easy to use Order Template tool to save time for customers who usually order the same products on a regular basis. Instead of adding each product to the basket every time an order is placed, you can create one or more order templates and save them with names of your own choice. Then next time you need to place an order, simply transfer the appropriate template to the basket, amend any quantities as necessary and complete your order. An order for multiple products can be placed in less than a minute, saving valuable time and money.


Getting Started

To access and use the Order Template facility, you first need to be a registered user of the website and be signed in.

Click here to find out more information about registration.

Click here to register online. (Important Note - Existing credit account customers must call Customer Services on 01909 735000 to arrange registration)

Once signed in, the product pages will feature a new light blue button called "Add to Order Template", which can be found adjacent to the "Add to Basket" button after every product.


Follow the simple steps below to create your own Order Templates.


Step 1

Sign in to the website and then browse or search in the usual way for the first product you wish to add to a template. When you have found the correct product, click once on the "Add to Order Template" button. Do not select a quantity for the product at this stage. This links you to your personal Order Templates page within the Manage My Account area of the website.


Step 2

Enter a name for your template in the box provided. This can be any name of your choice, for example the name of a department, a ward or perhaps the day a regular order is placed on. Click Save.


Step 3

Your newly created order template now appears in the list of available templates



Step 4

Browse for your next product and once selected click on the "Add to Order Template" button, which displays your Order Templates page again. This time, instead of creating a new template, click on the name you have just created in the list beneath, to add the second product to your template. When the page refreshes, the contents of your new template will be displayed.



Step 5

Repeat Step 4 until you have added all the products you wish to have in your new template


Step 6

When you have added all the products, you can now amend the quantity of each item. Simply highlight each quantity to be changed and input the number of cases required. Click Save Changes to confirm the amendments. Your template is now complete.

TIP - If you order the same products regularly but in different quantities each time, leave the quantity as 1 and amend when the template has been transfered to the basket. See Step 8



Step 7 

When you wish to order the contents of your template, simply sign in and click on the 'Manage My Account' which appears under your name in the top right corner of the website. Follow the 'Manage Order Templates' link on the next screen. This opens up your Order Templates page.  


Simply click on the "Transfer Template to basket" link found in the Actions column.



Step 8

You are now at stage 1 of the checkout process. At this stage you can still amend the quantity of any product, delete a product from the basket and add additional products that are not on your template. Any changes made at this stage will NOT affect your saved template. To complete your order, follow the checkout procedure as normal.


Additional Features

You can create as many templates as you wish, giving each one a unique, easy to identify name. Once created, each one can be easily managed. Sign in to the website and access the 'Manage Order Templates' section of Manage My Account (see Step 7).


From the Order Templates page you can also delete any unwanted templates, in addition to transfering the contents to the basket.

By clicking on the template name, the template contents are displayed on screen. Product lines can have their quantity changed or be deleted entirely. The name of the template can also be changed on this screen.


Additional products can be added to existing templates at any time by following Steps 5 & 6.


If you require any further assistance with order templates call Customer Services on 01909 735000.

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