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How to Deal with Us


How to Deal with Robinson Healthcare


Robinson Healthcare has been manufacturing high quality healthcare consumable products in the UK for over 170 years, bringing innovative products to market throughout the company's history. This experience and tradition is continued today as strong as ever, which is valued by our large and varied customer base.


The company is already renowned for excellent customer service and now this website allows users to obtain detailed information on our full range of products and place orders online. To find out more, follow the links below or use the menu to the left.



About this Website

Find out who we sell to and where to buy our products from.

8288_RHC_How_To_Use_This_Website_Icon.png How to Use this Website

Easy to use instructions on how to find the information you require, place orders online and the various ways you can register to access the extra functionality of this site.


How to Use Order Templates

Step by step instructions on how to create and manage regular order templates, designed to save you time when placing frequent or large orders for the same items.


Website FAQ's

Got a question about any aspect of how to use this website? Click here for the answers.


Delivery Information

Interested in our products but need more information on delivery costs? Click here for the details.


Secure Payment

Information on our Payment Service Provider and the safety of using our website for purchases.


Open a Regular User Account

Do you place regular or large orders and pay by credit/debit card? Read about a way you can potentially save money.


Apply for a Credit Account

Download an application form for a credit account.


International Sales Enquiries

Details of how to contact us and order our products if you are based outside of the UK.


Mail Order Sales

Discover how consumers can order single unit quantities of a selected range of Homecare products.


Contact Us

Visit the Contact Us section of the website for any other enquiry or request for information.